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Do-it-yourself Minecraft birthday party

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

DIY Minecraft Birthday Party

A couple of years ago, we did a Minecraft themed birthday party for my son, Lucas. It was a huge hit with kids and the adults as well. I did a lot of research on Minecraft decorations and sward cakes on Pinterest before deciding on the design.. I was most anxious about making a Minecraft sward cake because it was the first time using a fondant for me. Thankfully I watched many how-to videos on YouTube, that helped me a lot. Minecraft decorations on the other hand were super easy and lot of fun to make.

DIY Minecraft Sward birthday cake:

DIY Minecraft Birthday Cake
DIY Minecraft Birthday Party

A couple of days before the party, bake a cake using your favorite cake recipe. Ours was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. If you have never made a cake using fondant I highly recommend watching YouTube tutorials. I know fondant looks intimidating but it's actually like a play dough and can be lot of fun.

Minecraft Birthday Cake
Minecraft Birthday Cake

  • I used Wilton fondant in green, black, brown and tan for this Minecraft sward cake.

  • I covered my chocolate cake with green fondant and made couple of Creepers with leftovers.

  • My husband cut out Lucas' name in Minecraft style font using black fondant, a ruler and a kitchen knife.

  • I cut tan and brown fondant squares to put on the sides and around the cake.

DIY Minecraft sward cake topper:

DIY Minecraft Sward Cake Topper
DIY Minecraft Sward Cake Topper

My husband, Dimitri did an amazing job with Minecraft sword cake topper.

  • Cut out two images of the same Minecraft sward. ( We printed the images off internet).