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Chakhokhbili - Georgian Chicken Stew

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Chakhokhbili is a traditional Georgian chicken stew with tomatoes and cilantro. This Chakhokhbili recipe is ready in about an hour and makes a healthy and delicious one pot dinner that the whole family will enjoy.

Authentic Georgian Chakhokhbili - Chicken Stew
Authentic Georgian Chakhokhbili

Growing up in Tbilisi, Georgia, I remember Chakhokhbili was a common dish that every family would make for dinner at least once a week. Chakhokhbili is the ultimate Georgian comfort food that I often make at home as well. The main ingredients of Chakhokhbili are chicken, onions, tomatoes and cilantro. Chakhokhbili is a simple but hearty and flavorful dish that you will be making over and over. I can proudly say I can make this Chakhokhbili recipe with my eyes closed.

Originally, Chakhokhbili was made with pheasant, hence the name. Khokhobi - meaning pheasant in Georgian language. Nowadays, Chackhockhbili uses a whole, cup up chicken, but you can also use chicken thighs, chicken leg quarters or cubed chicken breast.